Encore Weddings

Thirty years ago, I was an Encore Bride… yup, after an early “practice marriage” (that’s what my wonderful present husband refers to it as), I am happily {re}married and life is good. My second wedding was unique… had a few traditional elements of that first one, but with our own stamp and some out-of-the-box elements included.

I’d like to help those couples who are madly in love and wishing to take that sacred step to marry the partner of their dreams. Whether the previous marriage ended in divorce or in the premature passing of one partner, this {re}marriage is a very special one and you should not feel that you must take different steps due to social expectations.

The focus is on celebrating two people who have found each other, embarking on a new beginning and adventure. Your wedding can be elaborate and fancy, or as casual and intimate as you wish. Incorporating your children is a lovely honor, even wearing white (or purple!!) is do-able. Let your imagination (and my guidance and assistance) take you down that wedding path!

My own Encore Wedding!

My own Encore Wedding!