Wedding Reading #10

Wedding Readings

I’m always on the lookout for a great reading to incorporate into the wedding ceremony.  Here is another one for consideration…

“THE HUNGERING DARK – Frederick Buechner

Matrimony is called holy, because this brave and faithful promise of a man and a woman, to love and honor and serve each other through thick and thin, looks beyond itself to more faithful promises still, and speaks mightily of what human life at its most human and most alive and most holy must always be.  Every wedding is a dream, and every word that is spoken there means more than it says and every gesture – the clasping of hands, the giving of rings – is rich with mystery.  And so it is that we hope with every bride and groom, that the love they bear one another, and the joy they take in one another, may help them grow in love for this whole world where their final joy lies.

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