Vines in the Vineyards

A winery or vineyard wedding is beautiful and romantic. Your imagination runs wild with the thought and vision of long, lush rows of vines and grapes. You can conjure in your mind the perfect photo of you and your new husband posing for the photographer while frolicing in the magnificant,green vineyards. But, you may not know exactly how thick those vines will be in the month you choose to marry.
I thought it would be fun to show some happy couples, posing in the vineyards, during specific months…

Below is the very fun and lovely Carissa (and cute Mike!) ofSugar and Spice and… (Specialty Desserts), whose wedding took place the last weekend in February at David Girard Vineyards. As you can see, the foilage is just breaking out on the vines (but look at the lovely sky on a winter day!)

This photo is of Katie and John was taken at Wilson Vineyards, in the month of April. The vines are getting a great start and beginning to thicken.

Sarah & Kyle are happily smiling in the rows of vines at The Harvest Inn in Napa Valley in the month of May. The vineyards are really beautiful.

And now we’re back at David Girard Vineyards with Jessica and Steven during the month of June. The rows are thick and very full. Quite a bit of difference in just four months!!

To my vineyard couples – Enjoy the continued growth of your love!

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  • I’m so glad you shared this. I’m sure many brides and grooms don’t think of how thick or not the vines will be on their wedding day. All the photos look great but many brides have a specific idea of how they want their photos to look. Now we know. Thanks, Lora!

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