Thursdays is Traditions Info Day – Post #16

Aug 27, 2009   //   by Lora   //   Champagne Toast, Sacramento Event Planner, Wedding Customs and Traditions  //  No Comments
On Thursday I post a wedding tradition. There are many rites of passage we observe today that echo the past. Everything from the veil, rice, flowers and cake, hold significant meanings. Old world marriage customs continue to thrive today – many are diluted, disguised and often upgraded.

The Wedding Toast – The toast began with the ancient Greeks as they initiated the art of toasting as a good faith gesture when the host took the first sip, thus assuring the guests that the punch was not spiked with poison – a commonplace occurrence in those days! This is why the most familiar toast heard around the world has always been, “To your health.” The Romans later discovered that a small piece of charred bread, known as a piece of toast, mellowed the flavor of the wine. Champagne was invented by the monk Dom Perignon in the 1600s and champagne became the preferred beverage to serve to the newlyweds. In France, a piece of bread would be placed in the bottom of two drinking glasses for the newlyweds. They would then drink as fast as they could to be the first person to get to the toast. According to legend, the winner would rule their household! Practice drinking, girls!

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