Thursday is Traditions Info Day – Post #12

Jul 30, 2009   //   by Lora   //   Asa Mathat Photography, Rose Petals, Tossing Rice, Wedding Customs and Traditions  //  1 Comment
On Thursday I post a wedding tradition. There are many rites of passage we observe today that echo the past. Everything from the veil, rice, flowers and cake, hold significant meanings. Old world marriage customs continue to thrive today – many are diluted, disguised and often upgraded.

Tossing Rice – Throwing “things” at a newly married couple may date back to ancient Rome or Egypt. The custom is intended to give the newlyweds good luck and symbolizes abundance and fertility (have you noticed there is a lot of attention to this fertility thing?) Food has always been a popular choice because it represents plentiful crops. Rice, wheat and grains were thrown over the couple in hopes that the couple would be prosperous and have many children to work the land. In Morocco figs, dates and raisins were thrown. Italians showered the couple with sugarcoated nuts. In Korea, dates were used (I can only imagine the mess!). Today, the once popular rice is discouraged due to liability issues from slipping, and facility staff hate to clean it up. so we substitute items, such as a rose petal toss (this picture of my couple leaving their wedding has an abundance of rose petals). Autumn leaves, paper snowflakes or the fun use of sparklers are often substituted (although I do scratch my head to figure out the symbolism of fire and sparklers… hummmmm?)

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  • It was so much fun to be part of the team on this one!! I can still smell the coffee….

    I really enjoy watching the way you disconnected themes, like coffee and architecture, and turn them into a beautifully orchestrated event.

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