The Coveted Peony

May 4, 2012   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

Whoot Hoot!… I just went out to my garden this morning and found my little peony bush is in bloom!  Heaven!!  I’ve been waiting on those tight buds for weeks now.

For any bride marrying in late April, May or early June, I’m sure your florist has suggested adding peonies to your bridal bouquet.  Listen to him or her!  They are an exquisite flower and only available for a short window.  Something like an old fashion garden rose, only fluffier.  This bouquet was from my client’s May wedding a couple of years ago  (created by Katie of Ambience Floral Design).


And Katie used another unique peony in a centerpiece design.  These are uber cool!

 Here are a few more photos of bridal bouquets using peonies…


Notice the difference between a traditional rose and the peony.  See how they have that little bit of ruffle and fringe, more rounded and multi-petaled.  So delicate!

So at this time of year if you hear squeels of delight… more than likely it’s coming from the florist at the flower mart, or the bride receiving her bouquet, or from ME!



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  • Wow those are some lovely peony bridal bouquets!

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