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Last Saturday I posted about the idea of using something different for your guest book. I just received this photo from a wedding I coordinated in June, and my bride, a great lover of wine, wished to have a magnum size bottle of wine signed by all her guests. What a great keepsake. A full, unopened bottle can be signed, and then cellared for opening on a future anniversary. Cheers!


  • Hi I am getting married next year in the spring and was wondering where your friend purchased this giant bottle and what kinda pens can you use for this? Please email me if you know. Thank you Angela 🙂

  • We did this for our wedding… I love it but you can’t touch the ink for a minimum of 24 hours or longer… We lost a couple signatures on the neck of the bottle during transport. Also, if you can… have someone tend to the signing to make sure guests don’t accidentally erase fresh signatures. 🙂

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  • I guess it’s okay to have the bottle spray painted with something more light so we could just use an ordinary sharpie..

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  • Yes I would also like to know where the magnum sized bottle was purchased. The idea is awsome!!


    • Hi Barbara – just about any winery (your favorite?) will have their wines available to purchase in the magnum size. Certain retail stores will also have the large size bottles. Use a pen that is specifically for writing on glass.

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  • My best friend wrote the lyrics to a song on a wine bottle for me christmas, what can you put over the sharpie to make it last longer?

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  • can you tell me what you painted the bottle with? Is it spray paint?

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