Men… skip the bow tie!

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When Ryan and Kathleen married at Villago in Napa Valley there was one small hiccup… Ryan wanted to wear a “real” bow tie (very James Bond!).  Nobody in his group of men knew how to tie one.  Lots of thought apparently went into the process, as the steps were captured by Sarah Dawson Photography.  And even a You Tube video being viewed on an iPhone didn’t help!

A Day to Remember How to tie a bow tie


Reinforcements had to come in… perhaps now he’ll get it?

A Day to Remember tying a bow tie

Can you hear me now? The concerned facial expressions are getting more intense!

Lora Ward How to tie a bow tie

AT LAST!  With the help of Kathleen’s hair dresser, Ryan has success!!!  A happy groom, and a perfectly tied bow tie!

The gorgeous (and perfectly dressed) newly married Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Roland.

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