Football Garter Toss

Jan 20, 2010   //   by Lora   //   Garter, Gino Greglia Photography, Sacramento Wedding Coordinator  //  8 Comments

If your honey man and the male guests at the wedding are known to love football, why not incorporate the actual football into the garter toss? Have the ball hidden (works best at the DJ stand), and after removing the garter, bring out the football, tease the boys a bit, then slide the garter over the ball and toss. You bet the fellas won’t have their hands in the pockets when the pass is thrown. Photo credit: Gino Creglia


  • We did this at my wedding but was preplanned. We chose a single groomsmen to retrieve the ball. As soon as the garter came off, the DJ began playing very beginning of the Monday Night Football theme song. The groomsmen hiked the ball to my husband before running across the reception hall. My husband threw it over everyone to the same groomsmen. It was super played up and EVERYONE loved it.

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  • We did the same thing at our wedding! My husband was so happy we incorporated the “football theme” in the wedding. Also our cake topper was the groom holding the bride & football. It was nice to see the pic, it brought back some nice memories.

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  • Would the person who catches the football and garter get to keep the football or would they give it back?

    • Naomi… generally, the one who catches keep the football. The bride and groom would gift it to the fella who is the lucky recipient.

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  • I’m not a huge fan of the garter toss. Maybe I’m too shy or prude, but the idea of having my future groom reach his hands up my dress in front of all my friends and family weirds me out. I like this idea, b/c I could have the garter on the football (or baseball, or basketball) instead of on me.

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