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Who doesn’t love a Celebrity Wedding??

Sep 30, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

I have been buried handling my clients and enjoying some lovely weddings and so keeping up with the blog posts has been on the back burner.  BUT, you know that I’ll come up for air to check outo Celebrity Weddings.  Come on, you know you love them, too!  I’m sure People Magazine went right into the grocery cart!!  It started with Brad & Angelina… awesome gown, right? And sweet family unity.  And just this last weekend, George and Amal… awesome venue, great boat ride to get to that awesome venue, and Amal looks fantastic in her gown (George is lookin’ pretty fine, too).  More… I (we) want more!

Pitt-Jolie-wedding_3023874b Angelina and Brad

george-clooney-767 george-clooney-wedding-venue-01  hello-george-and-amal-cover--z

Kellie & Megan – Married! {Part 2}

Aug 19, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Kellie & Megan’s wedding ceremony at Courtyard D’Oro in Old Sacramento, CA, held in the round, was lovely {see Part 1} and after just a few more photos, the fun began.  Kellie’s dad’s “welcome” to the guests was hysterical… he worded his speech with Pharrell’s “Happy” in mind. The Great Table was quite long, dressed in the signature blue with a cream colored runner, along with waiting vases to hold each bridesmaid bouquet for more of the runner effect (good use of the flower budget).  After a fantastic buffet dinner, guests made their way outside to the Courtyard for fun and frivolity under the market lights.  And a knock-your-socks off visual delight of the dessert display which was created by About a Bite Bakery.

1 Courtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember 2 Blue wedding flowers A Day to Remember 2a Courtyard D'Oro a Day to Remember 3 Courtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember 4 Blue & white wedding flowers A Day to Remember 4a Wedding head table A Day to Remember 5 Blue and white wedding flowers A Day to Remember 6 Menu Sign Board A Day to Remember 6a Seating Chart A Day to Remember 7 2 brides A Day to Remember 8 2 brides A Day to Remember 9 Wedding Chair Backs 10 Courtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember   12 Dessert Display at Wedding A Day to Remember 13 Dessert Display at wedding A Day to Remembeer 13a Cake Table A Day to Remember 14 Wedding Desserts 15 Same Sex Marriage A Day to Remember 16 16a 16b 16c

With champagne glass in hand, each bride selected the individual dessert they wanted to share with the other for the “first bite” – Fun! After the sweet father daughter dance (I melt at this time), then the celebratory dancing began! Thank you Mike Regan of Mr. DJ Service for providing lighting and being at the helm for the p-a-r-t-y. Everybody had a fabulous time! And another thank you to Allison Stahl Photography for the great images. You were everywhere!!!

11 Father Daughter Dance A Day to Remember

11a Father Daughter Dance A Day to Remember

18 Wedding Signage 18a Wedding Signage 19 19a


21 Courtyard D;Oro A Day to Remember

Congratulations Kellie & Megan!  You two were a delight to work with and I’m going to miss you!

Kellie & Megan ~ Married! {Part 1}

Aug 14, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

I had the privilege of planning Kellie’s sister’s wedding almost 8 years ago.  When Kellie contacted me in 2013 and asked if I would help her too, I was flattered and thrilled.  Kellie & Megan met playing soccer and through games, practices and after-game beers, their relationship sprouted and blossomed.  We started planning their union before California had passed the law that same-sex marriages would resume to be legal… but guess what?  Kellie & Megan had a fantastic, legal wedding on June 28, 2014, and it was a great celebration!

Same Sex Wedding A Day to Remember

The girls got ready and dressed in separate rooms at the Embassy Suites in Old Sacramento (two brides, double the details!), and then we arranged for the First Look.  Boy Megan was nervous, but Kellie couldn’t stop smiling!  Joined by their bridal party, a great collection of dear friends and the darling entourage of flower girls and young lady ring bearer (made up of nieces and a cousin), all walked from Embassy Suites, stopping along the way for photo ops and ended up at the wedding site in Old Sacramento at Courtyard D’Oro.

1 2 brides A Day to Remember 2 2 brides A Day to Remember

3 Wedding Shoes A Day to Remember 3a Wedding Shoes A Day to Remember




3b Flower Girl Shoes

5 Wedding invitations

5 2 brides First Look A Day to Remember

5a 2 brides First Look A Day to Remember



6 2 brides First Look A Day to Remember

7 Same Sex Wedding A Day to Remember

8 Flower Girls A Day to Remember 9 Flower Girl A Day to Remember 10 Embassy Suites Old Sacramento A Day to Remember

11 Tower Bridge Old Sacramento A Day to Remember11a Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember


The ceremony was designed in-the-round as it was very important for their family and friends to encircle this special couple and give of their love and support. Kellie’s brother was deputized and did a terrific job (choking up at times – love that!) creating a very special ceremony. The bricked walled courtyard was shaded with mature trees which gave it an intimate setting.

13 Ceremony in the Round A Day to Remember

1 Flower Girls A Day to Remember 1 2 Flower Girls A Day to Remember 2

3 Same Sex marriage A Day to Remember 3 4 Same Sex Marriage A Day to Remember 4



15 Ring Bearer A Day to Remember16 2 brides marry A Day to Remembeer

12 Two Brides A Day to Remember

Be sure to see some of the reception details and the celebration in {Part 2}.   Thank you Allison Stahl Photography for these wonderful images!

Planning a networking meeting for the wedding industry – no small task!

Aug 5, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  4 Comments

I am a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and many of us raise our hand volunteering to plan and conduct the bi-monthly meetings.  I selected July and knew right off that I wanted to hold the meeting at the beautiful Inn at Park Winters, a magnificant Queen Anne Victorian located in the country outside of Sacramento near Winters, CA.  I teamed with my buddy Kendra of Pfeiffer Event Planning and we planned a great meeting for a gathering of about 60 planners and industry professionals.



Besides networking and fun, we also have an educational component to the meeting. Our theme was “Creating and transitioning through multiple venue spaces” plus a little name tag craft project. We first gathered inside the Inn, having a “pre-social” – sipping champagne and touring the rooms.  John Martin, co-owner of Park Winters gave us the history of the home.





Our second transition was to move to the back of the estate, past the crops and fields to the pool area where our theme was “Farm Stand Fresh” – since Park Winters is rural, it was a natural to embrace the country, enjoy appetizers of the season, drink Sangria and play lawn games.  Beth Sogaard Catering set up an awesome table that was so perfect, and Dawn Roberti of Natural Flair created the great floral pieces.  And BTW, I made jugs of fresh Sangria, and it’s my secret recipe… it’s the “extra kick” that makes the difference {smile}!






















Kendra and I set up tons of crafting items from different types of papers,  buttons, feathers, sequins, colored pencils, etc., etc., etc. - everybody was to create their own name tag which might identify their business or who they are.   My name tag below says “I give a helping hand and have brilliant ideas” (hey, don’t judge!)






The third transition was to the large lush open lawn, within view of the Inn, for a themed dinner of “Southern Victorian Elegance.”  I worked with Celebrations Party Rentals to design the tables – fun, elegant and perfect for the theme.  Natural Flair designed the centerpieces – making use of magnolia leaves, dahlias and roses (very Southern) and Queen Anne’s lace for the country feel and nod to the architecture of the house.  Our Southern comfort dinner was created by Beth Sogaard - pecan crusted fried chicken with gravy and sweet tea syrup, mac & cheese with the trimmings, braised greens and baby carrots, biscuits with honey butter and apricot jam – Mercy, it was a good dinner!


Event  Event







Self introductions were very funny – some put a lot of thought into their name tags… quite inventive!




Our fourth and final transition was to the patio to enjoy dessert and coffee.  Love this new dessert company – Jennifer Kaye with About a Bite Bakery  She creates unique combination of flavors with chocolate which are made into bite sized pieces.  The perfect ending to a wonderful meeting.




I wish to thank all the businesses who contributed to this wonderful evening.  Mike Anderson of Creative Memories DJ handled the announcements and the groovey  tunes. You’re all wonderful professionals!!  And I especially wish to thank Mischa Purcell of Mischa Photography for soooo many great images!

Orange is an all season color

I cannot get enough of the color of orange… apparently it makes me happy! I certainly do appreciate all my weddings with their color palette of red, or purple, or black & white, or soft blush tones… but give me an orange theme, and I’m super happy. Orange is often worked within a fall or autumnal time frame, but check out these images taken by Kelly L. Cox … this wedding was a springtime  wedding. Swoon!

9 Orange Color Palette A Day to Remember

10 Orange Color Palette A Day to Remember 11 Park Winters A Day to Remembeer 12 Orange Color Palette A Day to Remember

Thanks for letting me borrow these images Reverend Jennifer Tan who performed this wedding at the beautiful Park Winters! (a venue that makes me swoon, too!)

Naked Cakes

Jul 7, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

I’m hearing a lot lately about an option to the traditional wedding cake by leaving it “NAKED” !!  Some bakers are not in love with this idea, but my clients love it.  In October at Mission Ranch Carmel, our wonderfully talented baker will be making an assortment of FIVE naked wedding cakes – we used the below images as inspiration.

Naked Cake A Day to Remember

naked-wedding 2 A Day to Remember

To go back in time… like to 1995, my cute “hippie” couple preferred to not want icing on their cakes, but wanted a somewhat traditional look… so we wrapped wide ribbon around the cakes.  Sorry about the photo quality (this was before digital and iPhones!)

Naked Cake with ribbon

Fun times with wedding cakes!

Throw Back Thursday ~ a “Hippie (or Boho) Wedding”

Jul 3, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

The year ~ 1995.  The location ~ the couple’s organic produce farm outside of Sacramento.  The theme ~ “casual, natural and a representation of who we are, but appeal to both generations.”  The dog’s name ~ Shasta.   I love the attire, the gigantic bouquet and notice each are wearing a floral head wreath.

Hippie Wedding A Day to Remember 2Hippie Wedding A Day to Remember 1

Kellie & Megan’s Big Day

Jun 26, 2014   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Super excited for this awesome couple who will be marrying on Saturday.  When they first came to me to plan their wedding… over a year ago… it was only with a hope that California would pass the law for same sex couples to become legally united.  We all are very happy that this wonderful day has come.  Congrats Kellie & Megan!!!


Thank you Allison of Allison Stahl Photography for taking wonderful engagement photos, and for being our photographer on wedding day!  Can’t wait!

Summer Picnic at Park Winters

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Today marks the first day of Summer… wanted to show off a lovely summer picnic I recently put together for one of our Venue Vixens outings.  We chose the incredible, and very picnic worthy, venue of Park Winters and had a fun time with owners John Martin and Rafael Galiano.  The country inspired menu consisted of fried chicken, potato salad, crisp chilled green beans, homemade pickles, bread sticks, garden grown tomatoes/Caprese salad all enjoyed with a fruity Sangria – and of course you can’t end a picnic without homemade (from scratch!) strawberry shortcake.

1 Park Winters summer picnic A Day to Remember 2 A Day to Remember Park Winters picnic 3 Park Winters A Day to Remember 4 summer picnic A Day to Remember 5 Summer picnic A Day to Remembeer 6 Summer picnicA Day to Remember 7 A Day to Remember Picnic Venue Vixens  9A Day to Remember Summer Picnic 8 Park Winters picnic A Day to Remember







10 Park Winters picnicA Day to Remember

11Summer Picnic A Day to Remember 12 Summer Picnic A Day to Remember

Thanks to Carmen Salazar who was one of our Vixen Vendors who took all the photos.


Taste Testing Cookies, Yumm-o

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Carolyn and Tyler will be marrying at Mission Ranch Carmel this fall.  The mascot for the ranch are their iconic sheep that roam the central meadow and make a fantastic backdrop to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding at Mission Ranch in Carmel

I suggested that a wonderful favor or take-away snack could be butter sheep cookies, so I asked Musarrat, owner of Pretty Sweet bakery to create a sample for my couple.  Look at this cute design… and then look at Carolyn’s reaction!  I do believe we have a winner.  Baaaa.

Sheep Cookies A Day to Remember

photo 1photo 2