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Kim & Artie Married! Part 2 of Day 2

Jan 26, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Soooooo, Kim and Artie are – how should I put it? Quirky.  From a previous post you saw that they married on Halloween afternoon on the family farm under an oak tree (that’s normal), then on Nov. 1st, they held a fantastic, creative, unique wedding “event” for out of town guests and family, and that celebration was anything but normal!!  I’m not sure how to label it… there were elements of Day of the Dead, artistry, music and a surprise officiant performing the ceremony.

Kim & Artie had selected to hold the 2nd wedding at the awesome Antiquite Maison Privee located in midtown Sacramento.   All Kim requested was gold, red and black for her decor and so after general discussions with broad brush strokes, Katie of Ambience Floral Design created a most  fantastic design.  Note the table name signs – created by Kim.

1 Antiquite Maison Privee A Day to Remember 2 Black and red wedding A Day to Remember 3 Unique Centerpieces A Day to Remember 4 Sweetheart Table A Day to Remember 5 Antiquite Maison Privee A Day to Remember

An artist was commissioned create individual face masks for each and every guest… no two were alike.  Such a wonderful gift.  Even the vendors received their mask – that is me along with our photographer, Thais of Love at First Click.

7 Wacky Wedding Idea A Day to Remember

8 9 10

And now for something on the wild side… because Kim and Artie already had their first wedding ceremony, they asked if I would find somebody “equally out there as they are” to perform their fun second wedding.  I was able to obtain a Las Vegas GENE SIMMONS impersonator (yes, as in KISS) who is very experienced in the show biz world… check him out!  Our little Wonder Woman flower girl, was not the least bit shy or phased

11 Flower Girl Costume A Day to Remember

12 Gene Simmons impersonator A Day to Remember


14-Offbeat-Bride-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 15-Unusual-Wedding-Ideas-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 16-Wedding-Shoes-A-Day-to-Remember[1]17-Happy-Groom-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 18-Tatooed-Bride-A-Day-to-Remember[1]


19-Offbeat-Bride-A-Day-to-Remember[1]20 Antiquitie Maison Privee A Day to Remember 21 Signature Cocktail A Day to Remember 22-Wacky-Wedding-Ideas-A-Day-to-Remember[1]

Don’t ask!  I told you Kim and Artie are quirky.  I LOVE THEM!

23 Wacky Wedding Ideas A Day to Remember24-Wacky-Wedding-Ideas-A-Day-to-Remember[1]

The party elements were off the hook, with our super cool DJ/MC, Steve Schon with Function 45 providing the requested karaoke equipment, the photo booth shenanigans, and because the guests were huge singers, they had to sing for their supper which the newlyweds loved!  This crowd loved to sing and perform karaoke!

25 Wedding Photo Booth A Day to Remember 26 Kim & Artie photo booth


Kim even changed for the party action by slipping into a vintage red gown… so-so fun!

28 Sassy Wedding Gown A Day to Remember 29 Red Vintage Wedding Dress A Day to Remember  31 Sing for your Supper A Day to Remember30 Sing for your Suipper 32

The unique multi-tiered cakes and Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls were made by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca.  The designs on the cakes were part of the table name signs designed by Kim. Mini vegan cupcakes were also on the menu.

33 Day of the Dead Wedding Cake A Day to Remember

35 Day of the Dead Wedding Cake A Day to Remember34 Day of the Dead Wedding Cake A Day to Remember

37 Karaoke Wedding A Day to Remember38-Karaoke-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember[1]






39 Karaoke Wedding A Day to Remember 40 Karaoke Wedding A Day to Remember

41-Karaoke-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 42-Karaoke-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember[1]




43 Antiquite Maison Privee A Day to Remember


Obviously I didn’t get the memo to stick out my tongue… I look silly with the beaming smile, but Kim is rockin’ the Kiss look… and Lordy, Gene’s tongue is something!

Thank you Kim and Artie for entrusting me with your two day/two  weddings celebration.  You are one of a kind and it was a blast creating with you.  I am so appreciative to all the vendors who kicked it up a notch. Thank you Thais of Love at First Click for capturing all the many details!

Kim & Artie ~ Married! Part 1 of Day 2!

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Kim and Artie are fun, wacky and non-traditional.  From a previous post, you’ll have read that they held a private ranch wedding ceremony for immediate family, under the canopy of a heritage oak.  The first wedding was on Halloween afternoon.  The next day (Nov. 1st, which is Dia de Muertos “Day of the Dead”), Kim and Artie planned a very fun event for many guests who flew in from Chicago and other locations to celebrate with them.  Because their fantastic photographer, Thais with Love at First Click, took so many gosh darn photos, I am creating two posts.  These photos were taken while they roamed around Old Sacramento… which you’ll notice even Old Sac had some Day of the Dead touches.  Just WAIT until you see the next post… OMG – Crazy Town!

1 Red Lipstick Wedding A Day to Remember

2 3 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 4 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 5 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 5a Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 6 Old Sacramento Wedding A Sday to Remember 6a Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 7 8 Offbeat Bride A Day to Remember 9 Day of the Dead Wedding A Day to Remember 10 Day of the Dead Wedding A Day to Remember 12 13 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 14 Offbeat Groom A Day to Remember

Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 3} Getting Down to Business

Jan 19, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

When Allison & Scott were ready to get serious about wedding planning and setting a date, we gathered over drinks in the backyard and I put on my wedding planner hat.  I gave them my client questionnaires which gives me insight into their “wish list” and what their priority and non-priority items are.  Here they being very serious about filling in my forms.

A&S questionnairess

A&S Questionnaires 2 A&S Questionnaires 3














I loved reading their answers.  Scott’s #1 priority was the officiant and vows, followed by a celebratory atmosphere.  Allison’s #1 priority was having a specific officiant she was hoping to obtain, followed by beautiful decor, and she wants her guests to be kept engaged and entertained.  These kids have their priorities in order!!

From this point, it was a matter of calling my favorite vendors (and I have many favorites), but this group has been in the wings just waiting for this day to come (pending the date).  Thank you to Rev. Jeri Murphy for filing the bill for a special ceremony, and to my long time florist buddy and creative genius, Sarah Acrich of Cuttings Floral Design, and to another long time friend, Doug Levine of Music on the Move DJs.  Three priority items handled! Check, Check & Check.

Kim & Artie Married! Wedding #1

Jan 16, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

Kim and Artie are unique, quirky, fun and so-so nice.  There is nothing boring about this pair – thank goodness!

1 e-session  A Day to Remember

You’ll see what I mean in future posts on this couple’s two day event.  From Chicago, they found me on line… Artie’s mom lives on a small ranch in a rural area outside of Sacramento area so they had found a cool venue in mid-town Sac and planned for a Nov. 1st “destination” wedding (leaning to a little bit of Day of the Dead concept). I connected this fun couple with another fabulously fun photographer,  Thais of Love at First Click who enjoyed a great e-session with them a couple of months prior to the wedding.  But things took a little twist when Mama really, really wanted a small, intimate family ceremony on the ranch – no problem.  We made it happen, and so on the afternoon before (that would be on Halloween!), a sweet wedding was held under a spreading heritage oak tree.  I’m so happy Thais was able to capture this sweetness, and Cindie Wilding, Celebrant was available to perform the nuptuals .

1 outdoor wedding A Day to Remember 2 3 Marrying under a tree A Day to Remember 4 5 6 Marrying under a tree A Day to Remember 7 8 Marrying under a tree A Day to Remember 9 10 11 Ranch Wedding A Day to Remember 12 Ranch Wedding A Day to Remember 13 Ranch Wedding A Day to Remember

Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 2}… I am an idiot!

Jan 12, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

How I stepped “in it” concerning the proposal…

As previously mentioned, my daughter and her boyfriend have been together since high school.  It has been assumed on my part, and confirmed a time or two, that they would eventually get married… when was the question.  A number of months ago, I came home at midnight after planning another {awesome} wedding and Jim was up waiting for me.  Rather late, but he wanted to tell me something… and that was earlier in the evening Scott had “come calling and had asked for Allison’s hand in marriage!”  Wow!!  You could have knocked me over with a feather… I never imagined that Scott would do such a traditional and perfect thing, and naturally I was SURE Allison and Scott had discussed it previously and she told him, “you’d better go talk to my Dad.”

So what does BIG MOUTH Lora do the next day?  I called my daughter and told her how cool it was that Scott came over to have the big talk with dad.  She was clueless and didn’t know what I was talking about and then turned to Scott to ask him.  Apparently Scott just smiled and didn’t acknowledge one way or the other.  He thought it was hilarious that I would spill the beans.  Am I an idiot, or what??

A month later, while they strolled along the American River, he slipped a lovely engagement ring on her finger and made an official proposal.  She said YES, and then called us later to give us the news!!

Allison's ring

Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 1} Introduction

Jan 6, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

So, I have been in the wedding planning business for decades.  My two daughters have grown up in the biz, and both have been my right-arm at many of my multiple-arm-needed weddings. And in March 2015, I will be wearing the hat of Mother of the Bride.  WHAT?  Me! are you kidding?  And you know that I will also be the Wedding Planner (big duhhh).

I thought I would chronicle the months of planning and the wearing of my TWO hats.  Let’s start with introducing our lovely family and the newly engaged couple.  Allison (on the left), me, Daddy Jim and little sister Juliana.  We’re a small and mighty family.  We actually like each other (to be exact, Jim and I adore our daughters) and the two sisters are very close.  It’s sweet.


Allison and boyfriend.. oops, fiance, Scott are high school sweethearts.  Scott has been part of our little family for 10 plus years. They are a grounded pair, on the same wave-length, home-bodies and Sacramento native homies, they are caring parents to two cats and a sweet boxer dog.  They are often perfectly yin & yang; Allison is patient and as far as I can tell, he doesn’t drive her too crazy, although Scott has waayyy too many similarities to Jim (is that a good thing?)

Allison & Scott

Senior Prom






A&S with Jemma

Next post will be the proposal and how I really stepped in it!

Cannot Wait!

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Artie & Kim’s wedding on November 1st was my last for 2014.  The gallery of images is just about ready for me to peruse.   This was a sneak peek our awesome photographer, Thais of Love at First Click showcased.  More to follow folks!


Another wedding published

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Thank you Our Wedding Magazing for recognizing the beauty in Megan & Kellie’s wedding… as seen in the Winter/Spring 2015 issue… Merry Christmas to all!

Front Colver


Photographer of the wedding was the fabulous Allison Stahl!

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

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I’ll have to look up who the “authority” is and why Pantone is considered the trend color authority for wedding decor (if anybody knows, please share).  For 2015 the color is “Merlot” – and I love it, but seriously, I feel it’s a fall color.

Pantone 2015 ColorFlourish Marsala 2














Shannon, with Flourish designed these two bouquets in the Merlot tones… both just gorgeous!  Many accent colors can work well with Merlot and it has a very romantic feel… so girls, if Merlot is your color, you’re a trendsetter!  Don’t forget to serve a delicious Merlot wine with your dinner!

Flourish marsala 3

Flourish Marsala 1


Last of the Autumnal bridal looks

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Today is the last day of November… I am starting to take down all my beautiful autumnal displays and opening up the Christmas boxes of decor.  I wanted to say goodbye to some beautiful fall bouquets… until next year.  You’ll be missed!


Orange wedding flowers A Day to Remember

Fall Bridal Bouquet A Day to Remember Fall Bridal Bouquets  A Day to Remember Autumn Bridesmaids Bouquets A Day to Remember