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Oh How I Love a Great Table

May 25, 2016   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Head Tables comes in just a few configurations:  The straight line table (I refer to that table as the Godfather or Last Supper Table), the sweetheart table, a table shaped like a wristwatch, and even a dumbbell… but my absolute favorite is the Great Table.  This table can be positioned in the center of the room which makes a fantastic statement maker, or can be along the side/against the wall.  Your entire bridal party and often times their date or spouse joins this table as they sit around the entire table.  It’s like your big Thanksgiving Day dinner table!   Providing you have length to the room, you can make your table as long as you need.  This first photo might have been my longest table – it seated 32.  Some brides share concern that their backs could be to some of the guest tables, and while that’s true, really, your guests are not watching you eat, honestly… they have their 8 or 10 friends to converse with

These are just a few Great Tables that I have had the pleasure of designing. With a talented florist, the sky is the limit with creativity!





7-A-Day-to-Remember-Citizen-Hotel 7-reception  9-Beautiful-Wedding-Head-Table 16-Fall-Wedding-Flowers-A-Day-to-Remember-14a-Wedding-head-table-A-Day-to-Remember 16-Head-Table-for-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember 19-Great-Table-A-Day-to-Remember


Photo Credit:  True Love Photo, Mischa Photography, Teresa K Photography, Jordan Zink, Rachelle Photography, Allison Stahl, Sharon Hoyt, Mapurunga Photography.



Happy First Anniversary ~ Megan & Scott!

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Happy First Anniversary to Megan & Scott. One of the nicest couples for 2015… and one of the prettiest weddings, with springtime “sherbet ice cream” colors exploding! Nuptials were exchanged on a scenic hilltop at the beautiful Gold Hill Gardens in Newcastle, CA – the evening was spent in celebration with fun lawn games, photo booth action, fabulous dinner, frivolity and dancing, with of course a few romantic moments sprinkled in.  Happy Anniversary, Lovebirds… I miss you!

27 Gold Hill Gardens A Day to Remembeer16 Gold Hill Gardens A Day to Remembeer3 Wedding Cornhole Gold Hill Gardens A Day to Remember8 Wedding Games A Day to Remember6 Gold Hill Gardens A Day to Remember 7 10

4 Photo Booth Wedding A Day to Remember

21 Great Table A Day to Remember

22 Wedding Table Runner A Day to Remember

16 Wedding Cake A Day to Remember24 Gold Hill Gardens A Day to Remember
26 Wedding Shoe Game A Day to Remember28 Gold Hill Gardens A Day to Remember
Photos: Teresa K Photography (thank you!).
Flowers: Katie w/Ambience Floral Design (gorgeous!)
Catering: Jackson Catering (delicious)
Music, Photo Booth & Fun: Doug w/Music on the Move (fabulous)
Rentals:  Celebrations Party Rentals (perfect)
Cake:  Devine Desserts (so-so good)

A photo that captivates me

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It’s not Throwback Thursday but this picture certainly was taken back in yester-decade… I’d say the 1920’s. I have kept this photo on my computer desktop because I am just drawn to it’s magnificence.  That gown, that veil, that huge bouquet(!) – I’m sure there are “love knots” tied and hung from the bouquet, the photography… all perfection.  The bride has that confident, little bit of shyness, but the “I’m ready” fixed look at the photographer… I love this picture!

Love Knots

Just had to share.

Anita & Tim ~ Married! {Part 2}

Apr 20, 2016   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

The Courtyard D’Oro reception for Tim & Anita was a hoot! With the energy of these very happy newlyweds, plus the mad talents of Steve Schon with Function 45 Entertainment, the party was hoppin’ – and this was a Sunday daytime wedding!! Fun “activities” were planned –  such as sing for our supper (a particular table got thumbs up from Anita), the “shoelywed” game, as well as a Soul Train line dance…add in all those grandchildren who presented their rendition of Whip Nae Nae, while Grandma joined in! After a delicious buffet luncheon (nicely presented and yummy, too), guests got their choice of dessert cakes, created by Ettore’s European Bakery (Tim wanted carrot, Anita wanted something else, so I suggested a display of assorted cakes – they loved that idea!).  Thank you Katie of Ambience Floral Design for the gorgeous centerpieces and design touches, and of course Bill of Quinn Photography for capturing all the fun and festivities… as well as the romance by using the architecture of Old Sacramento.  Well done!

1 Courtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember

2 Place card display A Day to Remember The building, walls and courtyard of this venue are old world brick, so I had fun designing the place cards in a “flower bed” of purple pansies and lined it entirely with brick. Cool!

3. Place Card Display A Day to Remember

4 Courtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember 5 Chair back decor A Day to Remember 6 Purple centerpiece A Day to Remember

Each place setting had a personalized menu card written in calligraphy of a sentimental (or funny, or racy!) quote.

7 Personalized menu card A Day to Remember8 Purple table centerpiece A Day to Remember 9 Wooden Table Number A Day to Remember 10 Courtyard D'Oro Buffet A Day to Remember 11 Courtyard D'Oro Buffet A Day to Remember 12 happy bride A Day to Remember 13 Wedding Dessert Display A Day to Remember 14 Wedding Dessert Display A Day to Remember 15 Couple feeding each other cake A Day to Remember 16 Happy bride A Day to Remember 17 Shoelywed Game A Day to Remember 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Old Sacramento A Day to Remember 28 Old Sacramento Wedding Photos A Day to Remember Even thou29 Old Sacramento wedding photos A Day to RememberEven though they lived in Texas during the planning, we got so much done via e-mail and their one major visit. It was so much fun working with these two and I wish them the very, very best in their new life… finally Mr. and Mrs. after all these years!

Anita & Tim ~ Married {Part 1}

Apr 17, 2016   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Anita and Tim met while attending high school here in Sacramento (40 years ago)! They were “just friends” who would study in the library – Move forward 40 years… after individual lives, living in various other states, raising families, and circumstances that come up, well, they re-connected (in a much different way!)  An engagement photo session was held in that very same library of their alma mater and Tim & Anita held a wonderful wedding for family and some of those high school friends in October 2015 – in Old Sacramento at the lovely Courtyard D’Oro.  Their preparations and the First Look was at Embassy Suites on the River Promenade, then a fun walk over to the wedding site.

4 Second Marriage A Day to Remember 2 Second Marriage A Day to Remember 3 Second Marriage A Day to Remember


1 Embassy Suites A Day to Remember 2 Encore Bride A Day to Remember 3 Encore Bride A Day to Remember

4 Encore Bride A Day to Remember

5 Second Marriage A Day to Remember

Love this collague of the First Look.!

First Look A Day to Remember


7 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember

8 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remembeerprogram

10 Aisle Treatment A Day to Remember

Aisle treatment A Day to Remembeer

9 Courtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember

Courtyard D'Oro Gate 1 A Day to Remember Courtyard D'Oro Gate 2 A Day to RememberCourtyard D'Oro A Day to Remember13 Rev. Jeri Murphy A Day to Remember

Right after being pronounced Mr. & Mrs. the couple and guests released many, beautiful large Monarch butterflies.  An Indian legend tells us “If you whisper your dreams to a butterfly, your dreams will come true.”  It was glorious!

14 Second Marriage A Day to Remembeer 15 Second Marriage A Day to Remember 16 Butterfly Release A Day to Remember

After the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, guests could check out the creation Tim made – this fun collage of articles from their year book showcasing pictures and highlights of their activities in high school. Fun!high school collageStay tuned for {Part 2} to see details of the loveliness and the fun(!) for Anita & Tim’s reception.  My special thanks to Bill of  Quinn Photography for taking so many splendid shots, and for Katie of Ambience Floral Design… fantastic flowers! Jennifer Gilchrist did a beautiful job with Anita’s hair and makeup, along with the other ladies, Rev. Jeri Murphy for doing the most important part(!) and Swallowtail Farms grows the best butterflies!

Perfect bouquet placement

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It’s been a whirlwind last couple of weeks and I haven’t done any posting.  My daughter got married last Saturday (it rained part of the day… LOTS of good luck), and when I get the professional photos, there will be blog post(s).  This image is from an iPhone taken by a guest.  I love it.  My sweet husband is so proud, but what I really wanted to showcase, is how perfectly Juliana is holding her bouquet. She has learned and heard it from me often.  Hold the bouquet at your waist… girls often times, out of nerves, hold it up at their chest – that makes you look scared!  Take note.  Good job, daughter!

Jim escorting


Planning Daughter #2’s Wedding {Post 4} It’s a Wrap!

Mar 22, 2016   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Well, as of this writing, the kid is getting married in 3 weeks.  The months of planning have flown by and it’s been easy-peasy.  My daughters have their own vision and wishes and wants, but they are level tempered, even natured, and good decision makers (and even better list makers… much like their mama!)  Working with Juliana and Derek (he has been fairly laid back) has been a breeze and I’m very excited for April 9th to arrive, and to see all the little touches we’ve been working on come together.  I need to wrap up these blog posts because we’re almost there(!), so this post will have a lot of the many different aspects to the planning wrapped up in one.  When Juliana would come to Sacramento from Portland, we would handle many different things on one visit.  As any long-distance bride knows, these trips can be rather tiring!

Naturally, one must come prepared with Pinterest board photos in hand for floral design and cake appointments (Derek thorough enjoyed the cake tasting with Pretty Sweet… she’s very talented!!) and designing flowers with my long time buddy, Sarah with Cuttings Floral Design was too much fun!

Pinterest Boards 2Pinterest Boards 3


On the same hot summer visit as they had their engagement photo session, we set up a menu planning and tasting dinner.  Both parents and sister got together at Jackson Catering (a fav or mine in the planning business).  Great food and fun times!

Catering 1 Catering 2 Catering 3 Catering 4 Catering 5


Catering 8

During the holidays, on another visit we worked on the assembly of the invitations.  I had hand-calligraphy done on the envelopes by Susie of Classy Calligraphy (another great business to work with).

Invitation stamping Invitations

So the invitations are out, the RSVPs are just about all in, and the very final details are put to bed… just paying off the balances.  Can’t wait!  I’m going to miss these days of planning.  Sniff.  Stay tuned for the pictures that will surely follow of the big wedding day!

Bouquet style… which one is yours?

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In catching up with my reading (that’s on-going!) I came across this excellent article from on bridal bouquets.  Click here.

Over the last couple of month, I  have been meeting with my late summer/early fall brides for their floral design. It’s interesting the range of what brides are going for right now.  Clearly, the “messy-just-picked” vibrant collection is a fav, but the classic white, monochromatic design is also a strong contender.

What are you drawn to?  All flowers are beautiful, and so special.

Happy 1st Anniversary ~ Allison & Scott

Mar 14, 2016   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

My beautiful daughter, Allison, married the love of her life one year ago today.  It was a blast planning and attending my own kid’s big day which was filled with tearful emotions and joyful laughter. Very proud of you both, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter… carry on!


4 Alley 6198

Awww… the family portrait.  That equally beautiful bridesmaid above is walking down the aisle next month!

Thank you to the fabulous Beth Baugher of True Love Photo for being our friend and photographer.  Love you Beth-y B!!


Meet Jessica & Peter

Mar 10, 2016   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Say Hello to Jess & Peter… haven’t met Peter as yet, but Jess is a sweetie and has great vision.  I am super excited for their wedding this June where we’ll be embracing Nature’s beauty at the gorgeous Field and Pond in Winters, CA.  You can tell from these e-session images that they are nature lovers – perfect!

Jessica & Peter 2

Jessica & Peter 1