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Carolyn & Tyler ~ Married! {Part 2} The Ceremony

Mar 27, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

Part 2 of this fantastic couple’s wedding day is dedicated to the sweet ceremony. The fantastic invitations for this weekend event were created by Lisa Bardot of The Goodness; we submitted photos to her of Mission Ranch Carmel and she “whipped up” whimsical graphics.  Adore!!  The wedding ceremony was held on the Meadow Lawn where the guests gathered… with the iconic sheep lazily grazing (they were not phased by our presence).  Eva the couple’s pug served as flower girl.

1 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to RememberInvitation 1 Invitation 2

3 Wedding Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember Wedding Parosols A Day to RememberJessie Hendricks Guitarist A Day to Remember4 Wedding Mission Ranch A Day to Remember 5 Flower Girl Dog A Day to Remember

6 Wedding Mission Ranch A Day to Remember 6a Wedding Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 7 Wedding Mission Ranch A Day to Remember  8 Cute Wedding Signs A Day to Remember8a Wedding Mission Ranch  A Day to Remember

8 Wedding Wine Ceremony A Day to Remember

A meaningful wine ceremony was shared with Carolyn & Tyler.  Custom labels were created for the white wine (Lodi region where Carolyn is from and Boulder, Colorado for the red wine where Tyler originates).  The two wines are blended to demonstrate the sweet and bitter aspects to life.  The very best part was when Carolyn’s grandfather was being escorted out – he had to stop and sample the blend.  Very funny!

10 Wedding Wine Ceremony A Day to Remember
11 Wedding Wine Ceremony A Day to Remember 12 Wedding Mission Ranch A Day to Remember1313 Mission Ranch Wedding A Day to Remember14 Mission Ranch Wedding A Day to Remember14a Mission Ranch Wedding A Day to Remember


I am so appreciative of having a fantastic team on this wedding.  The photography is beautiful, thank you to Geoff & Lisa Bardot of The Goodness.  A million thank yous to Amanda of Laughin’ Gal Floral – her creations are stunning.  Jesse Hendricks played beautiful Spanish Guitar while guests were gathering and for the ceremony, and of course, I have to thank Clint Eastwood’s sheep for performing perfectly!

Part 3 showcasing the reception and all the details will be up next.

Can I offer you a little snack…???

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Late Night Snacks A Day to Remember

Come on now… tell me you wouldn’t love some of these tasty treats served as late night snacks at the end of your wedding?  Huffington Post did a great job of showcasing pure beauty in “junk food.”   Click here to see more and read their descriptions.  Oh yeah, Baby!!

Late Night Snacks A Day to Remember 4

Late Night Snacks A Day to Remember 2

Late Night Snacks A Day to Remember 3

Carolyn & Tyler ~ Married! {Part 1}

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It is with great delight that I now can showcase the beauty of the outstanding wedding of Carolyn & Tyler held at Mission Ranch Carmel.  Two of the nicest, kind, loving and on-the-same-page people I’ve ever met.  Through the months of our planning I got to know them well and felt so honored to be a part of their day.  They selected this venue for a couple of reasons -Tyler proposed marriage on the white sandy beach of Carmel, and they wanted to give their guests a destination weekend of beauty, bonding in a unique historic setting, relaxation, sun/surf/sand, and celebration (a weekend of great food and wine!)   They got all that!  [Part 1} will showcase the venue overlooking the meadow, bay and Point Lobos,  including the iconic sheep owned by the Ranch’s owner, Clint Eastwood, getting ready in the vintage ranch cottages and bunkhouse, the sweet First Look, and the joy at being together, taking lots of gorgeous photos and building up to the special hour of the ceremony.

1 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 2 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remembeer  Getting Ready 1

Getting Ready 2

3 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember4 Custom Wedding Gown A Day to Remember 4a Custom Wedding Gown A Day to Remember 5 6 6a 7 Mission Ranch A Day to Remember 8 Bridal Bouquet A Day to Remember 8a Bridal Bouquet A Day to Remember 9 Nervous Groom A Day to Remember 10 11 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remembeer 12 13 Proud Mama A Day To Remember 14 First Look A Day to Remember 15 First Look A Day to Remember 15a First Look A Day to Remember 16 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 17 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 18 Vintage Porche A Day to Remember 19 20 Carmel Wedding A Day to Remember 21 Carmel Wedding A Day to Remember 23 Pug Flower Girl A Day to Remember 23a Pug Dog Flower Girl A Day to Remember 24 Cool Groom Sock A Day to Remember 25 25a 26 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember

I am so in love with all these images, which Geoff & Lisa Bardot of The Goodness took… such a delight to work with you two (we had fun, huh?)  The beautiful bridal bouquet and other flowers were created by Laughin Gal Floral (pure talent right there)!  Thank you to Jennifer Gilchrist who travelled to take care of hair and make-up services.  Be sure to come back for {Part 2} to see the details of the ceremony.  GORGEOUSNESS!

Daughter’s short video – get a tissue!

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Soooo, everybody this side of the Mississippi knows my beautiful daughter and her hunky honey got married last Saturday.  Our talented videographer, Mike Jensen, of Jensen Films, put together this masterpiece of a “wedding trailer”  I have watched it over and over and tear up each time.  Just beautiful, Mike.  Thank you so much!  Please click HERE and get out your tissues (and yes, there was a lot of emotions as she walked down the aisle… love it!)



Planning my Daughter’s Wedding {Post 8} – Finale

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Well, my first born is getting married in one week.  It sort of feels weird that she’ll be a married lady, a wife, a Mrs.  But it’s kinda cool, too and her father and I are so-so proud of Allison and think she is just the most wonderful person. It’s been easy-peasy working with the bride-to-be over these last few months.  No major arguments, a couple of eye-rolls on my part (and probably she muttered behind my back more than once), but we’ve had fun and have been in agreement over most things.  I can’t wait to see my daughter and her new hubby standing at the candlelit alter exchanging their personalized vows.  Will I cry?  I’m sure!

I’m going to end my diary entries/blog posts with these gorgeous e-session photos taken by our fav photographer, Beth Baugher of True Love Photo.  Beth photographed Allison for her high school graduation, and also photographed our family a few years later, so we all know firsthand that she takes some real purdy pictures!

e-session 1 e-session 2 e-session 2a e-session 3 e-session 4 e-session 5 e-session 6

And YES, I’ll blog about their wedding day when the time comes… patience.

Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 7} – Colors, Flowers and Fabric

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I need to wrap up these diary entries because my kid is marrying in two weeks (gulp!).  Today’s blog post will touch on flowers, colors and fabric  ~  with paint samples, tear sheets and Pinterest boards in hand we met with my dear friend and long time go-to florist, Sarah of Cuttings Floral Design.  Allison had wrestled with the color palatte (Scott nixed colors with fish terms – i.e. salmon!) and she finally decided on a soft yellow and charcoal gray romantic vibe.  At our meeting, Scott added in his thoughts and was very studious.  He suggested the use of olive branches, which we loved.  When we were discussing the ceremonial alter and the use of glass enclosed candles and candlelabras on and around the vintage sideboard we were concerned about having too many.  Scott’s quote for the day: “Don’t cheap out on the pinnacle moment.”  It’s now been an expression we’ve used often!

Paint chip

Flowers 4

Flowers 2 Flowers 3 Flower Aoppointment 1

On one of sister Juliana’s visits from Portland we girls had some fun at a fabric store.  For the black leather lounge area at the reception venue, we wanted some throw pillows plus I wanted to sew/create runners for the vintage sideboards that line the reception space.  Of course, when we three are together, there is silliness but brilliance, too!!

Fabric Shopping 3

Fabric Shopping 2  Fabric Shopping 4  Fabric Shopping 6Fabric Shopping 5

My handiwork…the final product.  Taa Daa!

Pillows Runners

Stylish Wedding Ideas

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In my line of work, I read a lot. There are tons of resource and reference materials out there and I get great ideas from these articles. I felt this blog post article on the 2015 Trends from Stylish Wedding Ideas was pretty straight forward and an easy read. Click here to enjoy.  Check out some of the following photos of weddings I have produced… these couples fall right in line with the article!

1 Gown 1a gown 2 invitations 3 invitations 4 bouquet 4a boutinoure 5 accessories 6 parosols 6a lawn games 7 reception 8 reception tables 9 runner 9a flowers 10 wedding cakes 11 wedding cake 12 wedding cake 12a cakes


Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 6} – independent decisions!

Feb 16, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  1 Comment

You must know as an experienced wedding planner and equally experienced mother to a lovely daughter, there are some conflicts within myself.  NO conflicts with Allison, just within.  On one hand, as a planner, I listen to my clients, guide where need be, give suggestions which they accept happily, and ultimately I work with and approve my couples wishes and desires.  I have no judgment (unless something is just awful!).  HOWEVER, when it comes to your kid, it’s a tad different.  I want to tell her how it should be.  I want her to follow what I say and do what I insist upon. Mothers expect this – right?  Hummm… that’s not exactly how it goes wearing two hats.  Allison and Scott are mature, on the same wave length (for the most part), Allison has seen dozens and dozens of weddings I have produced and has pulled from many what she loves.  Scott has opinions and Allison wants this wedding to be as much a reflection of his style and tastes as hers.  They are doing beautifully, staying calm and organized, and even though I have some comment every now and then, I am hoping that I am not an overbearing mother and that I am of some help.  With that, they created a wedding website and  selected a save-the-date postcard… without my involvement. They felt “STDs” didn’t need to be expensive or fancy, just get the facts out in advance to the invitees.  They’re cute! (details were included on the flip side)

Save the date

Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 5} – meetings, meetings & more meetings

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I have had the priviledge of working with some awesome vendors on my clients events, many are my true friends – planning my daughter’s wedding with them has been a hoot!  Most of these fine individuals have known Allison since she was a teen!  Scott has been a champ and has attended each meeting.  He definitely has opinion and is not one of those indifferent grooms (is this a good thing? ha ha)

A get-aquainted meeting with Doug LaVine of Music on the Move was held and this is where the DJ learns quite a bit about what the couple is looking for regarding entertainment.  Scott enjoyed reviewing the play lists (he’s an 80’s devotee).  Allison is very concerned guests will be bored (what? are you kidding?) and Doug is excellent with adding in some guest interaction frivolity.  He listed and described what could be added in – never pushing, just offering.  Allison and Scott listened and then decided on some fun “games.”  Nobody is going to be bored at this wedding!!

DJ meeting

One of the really fun appointments that all enjoy, including daddy/hubby Jim, is the meeting and food tasting with the caterer.  We have selected Jackson Catering & Events because they always knock it out of the park!!  Scott is a bit more discerning with his food preferences then the rest of us… he refers to himself as “a connoisseur of plain food!” Chef Chris created a wonderful tasting experience (relatively “plain” which was challenging for him, I’m sure), but he sold Scott on his Caesar salad dressing (Scott was thinking Ranch, but no longer!)  While the rest of us will add many toppings to the mashed potato martinis, especially the applewood smoked bacon… Scott was in heaven with Chef Chris’ excellent potatoes – just “plain.”

Jackson food tasting

Jackson potato toppings

Jackson Chef Chris

Jackson - appetizers

Below, Chef Chris and Evan who is excellent at taking care of the many details and herding their customers/clients!

Jackson & Evan

Thanks to Doug & Dara and Chris & Evan for taking care of our daughter.  It feels good.

Room Reveal

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It makes me so happy, and one of the many reasons why I love this job… to see the excitement and look of awe when my couples see their reception room for the first time.  Carolyn & Tyler married at Mission Ranch in Carmel, CA.  We designed the old dairy barn using a mixture of long farm tables choosing to show the wood, along side round tables with a taupe dupioni linen.  I think they really loved their room – yes?

1 Reveal Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 2 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 3 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 4 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 5 Mission Ranch

Thank you Geoff & Lisa Bardot of The Goodness for capturing our cute couple’s facial expression.