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Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 7} – Colors, Flowers and Fabric

Feb 28, 2015   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  No Comments

I need to wrap up these diary entries because my kid is marrying in two weeks (gulp!).  Today’s blog post will touch on flowers, colors and fabric  ~  with paint samples, tear sheets and Pinterest boards in hand we met with my dear friend and long time go-to florist, Sarah of Cuttings Floral Design.  Allison had wrestled with the color palatte (Scott nixed colors with fish terms – i.e. salmon!) and she finally decided on a soft yellow and charcoal gray romantic vibe.  At our meeting, Scott added in his thoughts and was very studious.  He suggested the use of olive branches, which we loved.  When we were discussing the ceremonial alter and the use of glass enclosed candles and candlelabras on and around the vintage sideboard we were concerned about having too many.  Scott’s quote for the day: “Don’t cheap out on the pinnacle moment.”  It’s now been an expression we’ve used often!

Paint chip

Flowers 4

Flowers 2 Flowers 3 Flower Aoppointment 1

On one of sister Juliana’s visits from Portland we girls had some fun at a fabric store.  For the black leather lounge area at the reception venue, we wanted some throw pillows plus I wanted to sew/create runners for the vintage sideboards that line the reception space.  Of course, when we three are together, there is silliness but brilliance, too!!

Fabric Shopping 3

Fabric Shopping 2  Fabric Shopping 4  Fabric Shopping 6Fabric Shopping 5

My handiwork…the final product.  Taa Daa!

Pillows Runners

Stylish Wedding Ideas

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In my line of work, I read a lot. There are tons of resource and reference materials out there and I get great ideas from these articles. I felt this blog post article on the 2015 Trends from Stylish Wedding Ideas was pretty straight forward and an easy read. Click here to enjoy.  Check out some of the following photos of weddings I have produced… these couples fall right in line with the article!

1 Gown 1a gown 2 invitations 3 invitations 4 bouquet 4a boutinoure 5 accessories 6 parosols 6a lawn games 7 reception 8 reception tables 9 runner 9a flowers 10 wedding cakes 11 wedding cake 12 wedding cake 12a cakes


Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 6} – independent decisions!

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You must know as an experienced wedding planner and equally experienced mother to a lovely daughter, there are some conflicts within myself.  NO conflicts with Allison, just within.  On one hand, as a planner, I listen to my clients, guide where need be, give suggestions which they accept happily, and ultimately I work with and approve my couples wishes and desires.  I have no judgment (unless something is just awful!).  HOWEVER, when it comes to your kid, it’s a tad different.  I want to tell her how it should be.  I want her to follow what I say and do what I insist upon. Mothers expect this – right?  Hummm… that’s not exactly how it goes wearing two hats.  Allison and Scott are mature, on the same wave length (for the most part), Allison has seen dozens and dozens of weddings I have produced and has pulled from many what she loves.  Scott has opinions and Allison wants this wedding to be as much a reflection of his style and tastes as hers.  They are doing beautifully, staying calm and organized, and even though I have some comment every now and then, I am hoping that I am not an overbearing mother and that I am of some help.  With that, they created a wedding website and  selected a save-the-date postcard… without my involvement. They felt “STDs” didn’t need to be expensive or fancy, just get the facts out in advance to the invitees.  They’re cute! (details were included on the flip side)

Save the date

Planning my daughter’s wedding {Post 5} – meetings, meetings & more meetings

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I have had the priviledge of working with some awesome vendors on my clients events, many are my true friends – planning my daughter’s wedding with them has been a hoot!  Most of these fine individuals have known Allison since she was a teen!  Scott has been a champ and has attended each meeting.  He definitely has opinion and is not one of those indifferent grooms (is this a good thing? ha ha)

A get-aquainted meeting with Doug LaVine of Music on the Move was held and this is where the DJ learns quite a bit about what the couple is looking for regarding entertainment.  Scott enjoyed reviewing the play lists (he’s an 80’s devotee).  Allison is very concerned guests will be bored (what? are you kidding?) and Doug is excellent with adding in some guest interaction frivolity.  He listed and described what could be added in – never pushing, just offering.  Allison and Scott listened and then decided on some fun “games.”  Nobody is going to be bored at this wedding!!

DJ meeting

One of the really fun appointments that all enjoy, including daddy/hubby Jim, is the meeting and food tasting with the caterer.  We have selected Jackson Catering & Events because they always knock it out of the park!!  Scott is a bit more discerning with his food preferences then the rest of us… he refers to himself as “a connoisseur of plain food!” Chef Chris created a wonderful tasting experience (relatively “plain” which was challenging for him, I’m sure), but he sold Scott on his Caesar salad dressing (Scott was thinking Ranch, but no longer!)  While the rest of us will add many toppings to the mashed potato martinis, especially the applewood smoked bacon… Scott was in heaven with Chef Chris’ excellent potatoes – just “plain.”

Jackson food tasting

Jackson potato toppings

Jackson Chef Chris

Jackson - appetizers

Below, Chef Chris and Evan who is excellent at taking care of the many details and herding their customers/clients!

Jackson & Evan

Thanks to Doug & Dara and Chris & Evan for taking care of our daughter.  It feels good.

Room Reveal

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It makes me so happy, and one of the many reasons why I love this job… to see the excitement and look of awe when my couples see their reception room for the first time.  Carolyn & Tyler married at Mission Ranch in Carmel, CA.  We designed the old dairy barn using a mixture of long farm tables choosing to show the wood, along side round tables with a taupe dupioni linen.  I think they really loved their room – yes?

1 Reveal Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 2 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 3 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 4 Mission Ranch Carmel A Day to Remember 5 Mission Ranch

Thank you Geoff & Lisa Bardot of The Goodness for capturing our cute couple’s facial expression.

Tips on holding a Barn Wedding

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Holding a Barn Wedding has lots of twists and turns along the way.  Barns are so versatile – dressed up glam with crystal chandeliers, or country casual with bales of hay – or BOTH!  Often times the actual barn itself is not large enough to hold the entire dinner for the average wedding head count of 150, and if that is the case, utilize the barn for the buffet, display of the cake/desserts and the dancing portion to the evening.  Hold the wedding ceremony in front of majestic barn doors and dine al fresco with the barn as your backdrop.   Huffington Post recently published some very sound advice on holding a Barn Wedding. Click HERE to read the article.

{Dodasa Ranch, Valley Springs, CA}

29 Country Weddings Venue Vixens

20 Chandelier Wedding Venue Vixens

{Stone Barn Ranch, Lincoln, CA}

Barn Wedding 3

{google images}

Barn Wedding 2

{The Yolanda Ranch, Woodland, CA}

1 Yolanda Ranch Venue Vixens

{Delta Diamond Farm, Isleton, CA)

Delta Diamond

{Triple S Ranch, Calistoga, CA)18a Triple S Ranch Venue Vixens
{google images}Barn wedding


Fun Marquee Lights

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A current product trend is to design with vintage marquee lights in wedding décor.  As a matter of fact, marquee lights are used in many different places, such as at LowBrau, a sausage and beer restaurant in mid-town Sacramento (see the window sign spelling out “Wurst”) – how appropriate and  so so much fun!


I have a cute client having a rustic home wedding who has commissioned to have custom “signs” created – the arrow to point to the bar (good choice), and “Love” for behind their sweetheart table.  They are working with Vintage Marquee Lights (  What a nice keepsake to use over and over and be reminded of a fantastic day in your life!



Marquee Lights 1 A Day to Remember

marquee lights 5 A Day to Remember

marquee lights 3 A Day to Remember

Planning My Daughter’s Wedding {Post 4} The Gown Search

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Moving right along in planning my daughter’s wedding… within a short while the date was set, the venue selected and the rest of the vendors secured (I’ll give a shout out to each one in  future posts).  When Allison’s sister was in town, we made appointments at two different salons to start the gown selection.  But first, Allison presented Juliana with a “proposal” – in a cute little box with the following words written inside  (and yes, these were my first tears shed!):

Plan with Me  ~  Stand with Me  ~  Cry With Me  ~  Laugh with Me, Sister  ~ Will you be my Maid of Honor?


Our first salon was House of Fashion (I purchased my gown there when marrying Jim 31 years ago!!).  Allison had done her homework and research and brought her Pinterest photos… the gowns she selected were similar in style. I always caution my clients that because they look great on the magazine models, that particular gown maybe won’t be the perfect fit and design for their own body.  However, even though her sister and I brought out comparison gowns for her to try on, she never waivered from her “vision.”


No, this is not the gown she selected, but being a proud Mama, I had to take some photos!IMG_2752IMG_2754
Second salon was Roseville’s David’s Bridal.  I have to say, I had always thought of David’s Bridal as an inexpensive and perhaps poor quality shop and I didn’t have much of an opinion of the operation. I did want to hit up a couple more shops that I knew their value. Well, I was converted!  David’s Bridal was beautiful, well laid out, and our cute consultant was a sweetie.  Again, Allison brought her pictures, stayed true with her vision and tried on several.  There was one little number that she just HAD to try on because it was just soooo different.  Apparently no one had ever tried it on in the shop… brides stopped to look at Allison (scratching their head) and the store supervisor and other consultants popped their head around corners to check her out in this outfit.  Isn’t it fun???  I thought it would be perfect for rehearsal dinner, or a bachelorette party.  Her response… “Fine for a 70’s fondue party!”  Needless to say, it was not purchased.





But ONE wedding gown stood out from the rest!  And the best moment was when the consultant had a quite conversation with Allison.  The consultant had her holding a brass bell. She asked Allison if  she envisioned herself walking down the aisle on her wedding day wearing that particular gown.  She asked her to make a wish for her special day, and then in a loud voice, the consultant asked her IF SHE WAS SAYING YES TO THE DRESS!??  And Allison then rang the bell loudly – which at David’s Bridal is the signal throughout the store that another bride found “thee one.”  Then I was really crying!!!

Ring the Bell

It as a good day!

Kim & Artie Married! Part 2 of Day 2

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Soooooo, Kim and Artie are – how should I put it? Quirky.  From a previous post you saw that they married on Halloween afternoon on the family farm under an oak tree (that’s normal), then on Nov. 1st, they held a fantastic, creative, unique wedding “event” for out of town guests and family, and that celebration was anything but normal!!  I’m not sure how to label it… there were elements of Day of the Dead, artistry, music and a surprise officiant performing the ceremony.

Kim & Artie had selected to hold the 2nd wedding at the awesome Antiquite Maison Privee located in midtown Sacramento.   All Kim requested was gold, red and black for her decor and so after general discussions with broad brush strokes, Katie of Ambience Floral Design created a most  fantastic design.  Note the table name signs – created by Kim.

1 Antiquite Maison Privee A Day to Remember 2 Black and red wedding A Day to Remember 3 Unique Centerpieces A Day to Remember 4 Sweetheart Table A Day to Remember 5 Antiquite Maison Privee A Day to Remember

An artist was commissioned create individual face masks for each and every guest… no two were alike.  Such a wonderful gift.  Even the vendors received their mask – that is me along with our photographer, Thais of Love at First Click.

7 Wacky Wedding Idea A Day to Remember

8 9 10

And now for something on the wild side… because Kim and Artie already had their first wedding ceremony, they asked if I would find somebody “equally out there as they are” to perform their fun second wedding.  I was able to obtain a Las Vegas GENE SIMMONS impersonator (yes, as in KISS) who is very experienced in the show biz world… check him out!  Our little Wonder Woman flower girl, was not the least bit shy or phased

11 Flower Girl Costume A Day to Remember

12 Gene Simmons impersonator A Day to Remember


14-Offbeat-Bride-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 15-Unusual-Wedding-Ideas-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 16-Wedding-Shoes-A-Day-to-Remember[1]17-Happy-Groom-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 18-Tatooed-Bride-A-Day-to-Remember[1]


19-Offbeat-Bride-A-Day-to-Remember[1]20 Antiquitie Maison Privee A Day to Remember 21 Signature Cocktail A Day to Remember 22-Wacky-Wedding-Ideas-A-Day-to-Remember[1]

Don’t ask!  I told you Kim and Artie are quirky.  I LOVE THEM!

23 Wacky Wedding Ideas A Day to Remember24-Wacky-Wedding-Ideas-A-Day-to-Remember[1]

The party elements were off the hook, with our super cool DJ/MC, Steve Schon with Function 45 providing the requested karaoke equipment, the photo booth shenanigans, and because the guests were huge singers, they had to sing for their supper which the newlyweds loved!  This crowd loved to sing and perform karaoke!

25 Wedding Photo Booth A Day to Remember 26 Kim & Artie photo booth


Kim even changed for the party action by slipping into a vintage red gown… so-so fun!

28 Sassy Wedding Gown A Day to Remember 29 Red Vintage Wedding Dress A Day to Remember  31 Sing for your Supper A Day to Remember30 Sing for your Suipper 32

The unique multi-tiered cakes and Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls were made by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca.  The designs on the cakes were part of the table name signs designed by Kim. Mini vegan cupcakes were also on the menu.

33 Day of the Dead Wedding Cake A Day to Remember

35 Day of the Dead Wedding Cake A Day to Remember34 Day of the Dead Wedding Cake A Day to Remember

37 Karaoke Wedding A Day to Remember38-Karaoke-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember[1]






39 Karaoke Wedding A Day to Remember 40 Karaoke Wedding A Day to Remember

41-Karaoke-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember[1] 42-Karaoke-Wedding-A-Day-to-Remember[1]




43 Antiquite Maison Privee A Day to Remember


Obviously I didn’t get the memo to stick out my tongue… I look silly with the beaming smile, but Kim is rockin’ the Kiss look… and Lordy, Gene’s tongue is something!

Thank you Kim and Artie for entrusting me with your two day/two  weddings celebration.  You are one of a kind and it was a blast creating with you.  I am so appreciative to all the vendors who kicked it up a notch. Thank you Thais of Love at First Click for capturing all the many details!

Kim & Artie ~ Married! Part 1 of Day 2!

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Kim and Artie are fun, wacky and non-traditional.  From a previous post, you’ll have read that they held a private ranch wedding ceremony for immediate family, under the canopy of a heritage oak.  The first wedding was on Halloween afternoon.  The next day (Nov. 1st, which is Dia de Muertos “Day of the Dead”), Kim and Artie planned a very fun event for many guests who flew in from Chicago and other locations to celebrate with them.  Because their fantastic photographer, Thais with Love at First Click, took so many gosh darn photos, I am creating two posts.  These photos were taken while they roamed around Old Sacramento… which you’ll notice even Old Sac had some Day of the Dead touches.  Just WAIT until you see the next post… OMG – Crazy Town!

1 Red Lipstick Wedding A Day to Remember

2 3 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 4 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 5 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 5a Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 6 Old Sacramento Wedding A Sday to Remember 6a Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 7 8 Offbeat Bride A Day to Remember 9 Day of the Dead Wedding A Day to Remember 10 Day of the Dead Wedding A Day to Remember 12 13 Old Sacramento Wedding A Day to Remember 14 Offbeat Groom A Day to Remember