A Personal Moment…

May 20, 2012   //   by Lora   //   Weddings  //  7 Comments

Allow me a moment to brag.  Our wonderful youngest daughter, Juliana, graduated over the weekend from the University of California, Sacramento, with a BS in Dietetics.  It was a proud, happy, and bittersweet event.  Congrats JJ.  Dad and I love you very much!



  • What a great moment! Pretty pictures, too! Congratulations to all of you.

  • aww those pictures make amy heart all melty lora!! huge congrats for all of you….very very well done!!

    • And your day will come soon enough. How can we stop the clock?

  • Why bittersweet? Just awesome. Congratulations!

  • Fabulous! Good job mom anddad

  • Congrat’s to you Jim and Lora for raising such a wonderful daughter!!

  • Great photo of the proud mom & dad, and beautiful graduate! Congrats to all!!!

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